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A birthday serenade, a demo-cd or a modern music-production. From the idea to the finished master, we offer more than 10 years of experience and creativity.

A special sound optimized recording booth and high end equipment deliver professional recording quality.

  • Our DAW of choice is Reaper, but we also run Pro Tools, Cubase, FL Studio and Logic. 

  • AD/DA Conversion is handle by the beloved Metric Halo ULN8

  • We mix ITB and sum through the Metric Halo ULN8. It makes everything bigger and better, simple as that. Of course we have access to most Plug ins, the usual suspects of course. 

  • The Studio Standart Neumann U87 (vintage non AI). It just works every time but if you have specific desires we can offer a variety of microphones from vintage to modern

  • If it gets loud we have the legendary Shure SM7 right here

  • A Neve 1073 Style Preamp and 1176 style compression. A nice frontend is nice to have but we truly believe in modern technology and we can get the sound we want with our ITB Buddies. 

  • The monitors are important but the room is as important!! Thanks to legendary Fritz Fey our monitors really do sound great in our room. We decided for the FOCAL Trio 6BE and still rock the NS10's once in a while.

  • We have professional musicians collaborating with us all the time. We can do band and orchestra recordings at a partner studio nearby but for what we do most of the time is stay ITB. Sure Kaneshka can't live without his guitar and thats where ideas come to live.  

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